Created in Oporto in 2014, Duistt is a furniture brand specialized in upholstery. Like the city, the company breaths history and modernity. It blends ancient knowledge and techniques with modern aesthetics. Duistt designs refined, sophisticated, high-end pieces and pursues perfection in every aspect of our products.

Duistt values the handmade, because of its uniqueness. It’s the only way for heart and art to be combined. Designed and produced in Portugal, Duistt is committed to offer you the best materials crafted by the experient hands of skilled artisans.

 Duistt collection presents itself with intemporal design of classical references, built to last. 

Our design takes in consideration three major premisses: aesthetics, quality and comfort.

This collection is the culmination of 15 years of experience of Olga Torres, founder and designer of the brand. She has been working both in interior design and upholstery and she has a profound knowledge of the construction and materials of a sofa or armchair. The desire of having her own collection spoke out louder and she decided to make it happen.

Handmade pieces crafted with (he)art are absolutely unique and can last generations. 

We invite you to discover our elegant and timeless designs and we hope it brings you pleasure.

 Feel free to download our catalog, 2015 catalog and finishes catalog